4 thoughts on ““Punch Kidd” available now!

  1. Boa noite , mandei e-mail e não obtive resposta , preciso saber quantas telas ao certo tem esse jogo .
    Quero muito comprar .

    Obrigada !


    1. Obrigado pelo seu interesse e desculpe pela resposta tardia. Punch Kidd tem 16 níveis principais e agora também tem 12 novos níveis disponíveis para compra. Jogando feliz! Tim.


  2. Hey I really love your game “Mars Tycoon” , I know this maybe not the best way to reach you for information about the game, but is there any new updates coming ? And if give the opportunity I would love to sound off about additions , diffultys and other features of the game.


    1. Hi Joey, thanks for your interest in Mars Tycoon! I am working on bringing it to the Android platform and then I will implement some changes into the game after that. So, yes, updates will be coming this year! I’d be happy to hear your feedback on the game – Tim.


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